Erase Errata play an Austin house party: 2005

Erase Erata is a most interesting all-woman three-piece that delivers some of the most interesting art-punk I have seen in many years. The crisp drum-and bass combo dropped taut, sinewy constructions that pulse and throb with the energy of urban machinery. Erase Erata plays tight with jagged, angular edges that fans of Wire, art-school era Talking Heads, and the Fall should appreciate. They are the heirs to the post-punk art-chick tradition that produced spazzy weirdos like the Scissor Girls in the 1990’s. After maybe 20 minutes of original uptempo songs, they took a sharp detour and blew the dust off an ancient 20th Century garage-psych anthem with tricky moments: “Hot Smoke and Sasafrass” by Austin’s Bubble Puppy.  This old freedom rocker is full of tricks and turns and changes and the women kicked ass on it, nailing it full-on, though with naïve, girlish vocals that made it seem like something any band could do. There were smiles everywhere.


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