Low Red Center at the Parlour: 2006

I, Deejay O, declare here and now that I have seen many, many weirdo bands, some of uncertain pedigree and grooming, including one that insisted on setting a piano afire, but truly one of the strangest is the Low Red Center. William F. Buckley, the highbrow maestro of intellectual conservatism, once wrote of the Beatles that they were the “crowned heads of anti-music”, but had he instead heard Low Red Center, he would surely have reconsidered the coronation, and perhaps observed that some human beings are in fact secret locust electric gadget-men on an obscure mission.


This is an avant-weird band that specializes in plugging in innumerable sound-generating devices for purposes certainly illegal in the (thankfully) few remaining Communist countries. They wear odd masks, dress in red, and make a jagged machinic racket that would surely bring the cops to the party if your parents unwisely left town. By routing electrons to do the sonic bidding of their freaky masters, Low Red Center provide the soundtrack to a fugitive dance party of robo-teens and escaped apes.


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