Stereo Total at Emo’s-2002

image from

What is it about these two pop-frogs that is so freaking good?  Like alot of pheneomena in nature, it decomposes upon reductive analysis. I mean, on one level, it’s just French rock and disco pop performed by an enthusiastic duo.  Plus an almost deliriously eager crowd that want to dance and yell and smile. The singer girl is the cute/nerdy French girl you had a crush on but who you neve worked up the nerve to talk to.  The guitarist had a Bo Diddley-style rectangular guitar and played it like he meant it (the Clash would have been pleased, but being that the Clash is collecting cheques from Jaguar these days, I doubt they are in the know). Most of the time the music was stripped down pop with rockin’ organ and guitar.  But who knew there was a missing link between early hip shakin’ rock and roll and euro-electro?  In a world where beats rule, their derivation or genre is
unimportant.  Stereo Total could no wrong this night.


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