Wendy and Bonnie’s GENESIS reissued: obscuro soft-psych 1960’s classic

This album was but a rumor for years which turned out to be true: back in the sixties, two precocious teen sisters, Wendy and Bonnie Flower, but 13 and 17 of age, had supposedly recorded a whole album of ethereal and sophisticated vocal harmonies in an understated, dreamy, memorable soft-rock style.  What had actually occurred was that veteran studio musicians had helped the little Flowers (their real name!) work their earnest, plaintive, precious little tunes into a full-blown, major label funded-authoritative statement of ‘60’s soft-rock policy: Genesis. The results are sometimes really gorgeous, as on the plaintive, winsome, irresistable “The Paisley Window Pane”.  “Let Yourself Go Another Time” has a near-psych edge and grooving organ that sounds a bit dated but bursts with feeling: an anthem of “non drug” psychedelia? “By the Sea” retains a delicate charm decades later and has recently been covered by Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier. Genesis is worth a spin or three if only to hear their close, sisterly vocals. Later in the disk are the recorded remains of their even more obscure precursor group: The Crystal Fountain.

Listen to “By The Sea” from Genesis here


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